Dishonorable Speech in Politics


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“A word once uttered can never be recalled.”     -Horace

Quiz: Who said each dishonorable thing in Nov. 2020, Biden or Trump?

1) “He’s done a lot of stupid, mean things.”

2) “He’s against God.”

3) “They’re bad people, they’re horrible people…”

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Dishonorable speech: Why should we care?

You’ve probably heard more about civil discourse than about honorable or dishonorable speech. I’d like to change that. Why? Because I believe the concept of honorable speech is more general than that of civil discourse, and the damages from dishonorable speech in our society are far beyond what most people recognize they are. Without dishonorable speech, how many wars would’ve never been fought? How many innocent people would’ve never gone to jail? And how much more positive would peoples’ perceptions of themselves be? For more on why you may want to care about speak honorably, see my list of 11 reasons to do so here.

What You'll Find on this website

In the “Dishonorable Speech Guide” section, you’ll find my definitions of dishonorable speech and honorable speech, the 37 categories of dishonorable speech I identified for my analyses of speech for dishonor, some of the resulting damages from dishonorable speech, and a little about the rating system I use to try to quantitatively compare the levels of dishonor between different politicians’ words.

In the “Politicians’ Speech Analyzed” menu, you’ll see a list of politicians whose speech I’ve analyzed, at least in some small part, for dishonor. These include Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump, among others. In many instances, I’ve included suggested more honorable ways for these politicians to have spoken.

It’s my hope that by very precisely pointing out dishonorable speech by our leaders, and the damages done by it, those leaders may be inspired to speak more honorably, and others may follow.

Please try to use this website for good rather than as a weapon.

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